Annihilator GTT Turbo Kit – Bolton Hybrid K04 for the 1.8T

only2Gonzo Tuning is PLEASED to be able to offer the most capable and best performing bolton K04 hybrid for the MK4 1.8T on the market! This unit is capable of anywhere from 255whp on a complete bone stock 1.8T motor (with proper fueling and software) to over 300whp with the proper mods.

Our software is tightly integrated with this setup to deliver the best power possible with the least amount of mods necessary without sacrificing reliability or driveability. You get to have your cake AND eat it.

Gonzo Tuning GTT + E85 20-90MPH Run

There is simply NOTHING like it. This is the most powerful production bolton hybrid K04 turbo for the MK4 1.8T.



345whp / 368ft.lbs of tq with no W/M, cams, or aftermarket intake! Just GTT+E85!

K03s VS. GTT

Below you can compare compressor maps


GTT Annihilator Compressor Map


Borg Warner K04-001 (2075)

More dynos, data, etc:


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